From the Main configuration view, click on the latest block to see the options for the next step.

Select "Record Missed Calls" and notify or "Play message only"

A. Record Missed Calls and notify

- Triggered after: Ringing and waiting time before the notification is triggered 

- Email: The destination time to receive missed call notification

- SMS: Click to have the option to trigger SMS to appointed number(s). This will cost you usage charge per minute.

- URL: key in your API SMS link (if you have your own SMS system). If not, simply ignore and leave it blank

- Voicemail: Turn on to allow your customer leave the voice mail message

- Recording Message: turn on to key in the message or upload your own recording message

- Click on Confirm to Save 

B. Play Message only

- Triggered after: elapse time before the missed call notification is triggered. You can opt between Text to speech and upload your own recording message

- Language: select the language

- Message: key in your own notification content.

- Please click Confirm to save