First of all, please open the Virtual Line configuration board. If you forgot or do not know how to access to it, please follow this link. 

How to open the Virtual Line configuration board?

Once inside, click on the box [Incoming call to...] and select Gather Input. A table would appear as following. 

You can have 2 options: Text to speech TTS or Upload recording file

A. On Text to speech TTS settings 

+ Language: select the desired language

+ Key in your own message

+ Click "Add more" to add another Welcome Message in the 2nd language. For below example, the English message will be played, then the Japanese one. 

+ Click "Make a phone call" and key in your phone number. A call will be made to that number to play the Message and there will be charge on your Hoiio credits

+ Play times: customize the number of times to play the message

B. On Upload recording file settings

+ Maximum 5Mb file 

+ Click on Choose file and select the recorded file to upload

+ Play times: select the number of times to play your message

+ Click "Make a phone call" to hear your message (A call will be made to the specified number and there will be deducted on your Hoiio credits)

+ Confirm

Please click Confirm to Save your settings. Now, you can go back to Virtual Line folder and search for the articles on next steps of Call FLow. Below suggestion links may helpful.

[Set up Call Transfer, Ring group, Ring Queue...]