1/ If you are DPO of the account, Please refer to 1.2 article of this Link how-dpo-manage-the-compliance-window

To allow your staff can operate the Bulk FIltering for DNC manual check, please ensure you already:

  1.  Invite the Staff to be member of the account
  2.  Subscribe the Staff DNC license  (contact Sales for subscription fee)
  3.  Assign the staff to DNC license in Compliance Window.
  4. Assign the Global DNC app to the Staff (Under Home -> [Subscription] -> click Global DNC -> assign to member)

2/ If you are Staff or Agent, Please follow these steps :

Please note that:

- Staff: Have Portal access only/ Make calls either from Mobile or Company phone/ Access Web portal for  Bulk filtering/ Use company credits.

- Agents: Have No Portal access/ Only can make calls or check manual DNC from Mobile app/ Have personal account / Use personal credits

From Web Portal: (Bulk Filtering)

  • Log in to your account by your email
  • Click on left top corner menu icon -> in the slide menu, click Global DNC 
  • Under Bulk Filtering page, please Upload CSV file of Contact number to get the result.
    The DNC status result is valid within 30 days.

From DNC mobile app: (small number look up)

  • In your smartphone , download Global DNC by B3networks and install.
  • Ensure you already subscribe for the DNC license -> 
  • Open the app, key in your email to log in.
  • Key in the number to check -> you will get result as below.