Q: How do I make international calls?

A: From your Dialpad, please key in "+" <country code>, <area code>, <phone number>. For example: +6511223344 to call Singapore, +852xxxxxxx to call Hong Kong

This international calling standard is called E.164. 

To look up a list of country codes, click here.

Q: What are the call charges?

A: Our rates can be found here Hoiio Telecom rate: Bizphone app

Or contact our Support Team for the latest International Call Rate list. 

Q: Will I be charged if the receiver does not answer my call?

A: No. However, if the call goes to the receiver's voice mail, the call is considered an answered call.

Q: Why is my Caller ID showing up wrongly to my recipient?

A: The Caller ID service is supported in most countries. However, the telco provider of recipient number may hide or override your caller ID. Please contact us at support@hoiio.com if you want us to do an investigation on this.