There are two types of call queues available in Wallboard:

  1. Round Robin
  2. Ring all

These can be setup from the "Queue" tab in Wallboard app. 

Click on the "Queue" tab and click on "Create Queue". 

The following options will be available to you:

Here's an explanation of all the settings: 

Label: Just give a name to the queue. Can be anything you want. 

Ring mode: This is the queue type (round robin and ring all). 

  • Round robin will ring each agent in round robin order. i.e. it will ring agent #1 first. Then if the agent is not available, it will ring agent #2 and so on. Now supposing agent 1 answered the call, the next call will call agent #2 first (since agent 1 already had a chance to speak to a customer). 
  • Ring all will call all agents simultaneously. The agent who answers first gets connected to the caller. 

Ring timer per agent: This is the amount of seconds agent #1's phone will ring unanswered before the call is transfered to agent #2. Please note that the caller will still hear the same ring tone so this round robin is transparent to the caller. 

Answer script: This is the call script which will popup on the agen't computer screen (if he is logged in to wallboard app), when he receives an incoming call. This has to be set by the manager. 

For ever x seconds: Every x seconds, the system will play the message entered in the below text field. The caller can press 1 anytime to leave a voicemail. If the caller doesnt press anything, he can wait and the call will keep ringing the agents as per the above configuration. 

Play this message: This is the voicemail prompt that will be played out the user if no agent answers within the above time period. It can either be typed out (and a computerized voice will read out the message) or you can upload an mp3 recording of your message. 

After x times: This specifies the number of times the voicemail message is played before the call is hung up. If you dont want to hangup the call ever, set this to -1.

Play this message to hangup the call: After voicemail message is played the above number of times, the system will play this message and hang up the call. This will not happen if the above setting is -1.