#1 Get the IP Address of the IP Phone

  • Press the button OK (2 times) to go to Status page and get the IP Address at here:

#2 Log in the Fanvil IP phone web user interface.

        1) Open web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

        2) Username: admin Password: admin

        3) Go to Tab Line > Sip > Basic Setting

  • Username: SIP Account we provide
  • Display Name: Whatever you would like to show
  • Authentication Name: SIP Account we provide
  • Authentication Password: SIP Password we provide
  • SIP Proxy Server Address: SIP Domain we provide
  • Activate: Yes

         4) Codecs Setting

  • Enabled Codecs: just choose 2 options G711U and G711A

        5) Advanced Setting

  • DTMF Type: AUTO or RFC 2833
  • Transportation Protocol: TCP

If you need any assistance, please drop us an email to support@hoiio.com.