This is useful for user who have many number and transfer the incoming call to the same Extension or Groups. Eg:

The user have 2 numbers 6564286063 and 6564286064 and forward the incoming call of them to the group have 3 extensions: 304, 305, 306 so the user would like to know that the caller has call which number to reached them.

In this case, we need to do 2 steps:

#1 Setup the callerID prefix for the number 6564286064 is 001, setup the callerID prefix for the number 6564286063 is 002 as below:

#2 Setup 2 Dial Plans as below, this step is help for the extensions can recall to the caller from the list history call of them:

    Start with 00x and has length of 13 (SG number is 10 numbers + 00x) then remove 3 leading digits and prepend

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