Virtual Line DID is an additional number you buy to attach to your Virtual Line subscription:


Basically, instead of 1 number, you now will have 2 numbers (or more) for your Virtual Line. Instead of purchase a brand new Virtual Line subscription, you will only need to buy another number (which is cheaper)

For example, if you have office over 5 countries, you can buy 5 numbers in 5 countries and put in 5 websites in that 5 countries. No matter which number out of these 5 number is dial, it will be redirect to the same Virtual Line subscription labelled [your Company name]

The multiple DIDs within Virtual Line is available for Business plan and above since the beginning of November to serve the companies with multiple main line numbers in multiple countries. In the simplest words, you can decide which part of your call flow that you want to assign the numbers (to support department use case). 


For example, you have 1 Virtual Line (123) for your company with the setting: Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Support. Now, you can purchase two more DIDs (456) and (789) and set them as the DID for Sales and Support. With this, your customer could call to your main line (123) to reach IVR then select the in charge Department. Else, they can dial (456) to reach your Sales Dept directly (bypass IVR of your company)


You only need to pay S$5.35 for each add on DID (Singapore) and the configuration is very simple and could be doable from your end.

Kindly contact our Sales at for more information and get the rate of specific DIDs.