Call Recording is an application that records incoming and out going call. It must be attached to another app in order to work properly. For example SIP/ Virtual Line/ Direct Line App

To check the Call Recording History, please click on triple bars icon on top left corner, select Call Recording app. From the top bar, you select the History tab to have all the recorded file.


- Filter by App: narrow down the list by app

- Time range search: key in the beginning and ending date

- Search subscription: key in the phone number to find the correct recording file

- Export CSV: get the list of recorded file 


- #: number list

- Subscription: the app which operated the call
- From: source number/ extension / sip account 
- To: answered number/ extension / sip account

- Call detail: date, time and length of call

- Note: Click on update to key in your own note of that call

- Action: click on relevant icon to Hear, Download and Delete the recording file.

***Notice: Call Recording Plan needs to be the same package with the SIP/ Virtual Line/ Direct Line Plan to be recorded.