Here is a guide on how to Edit the Date/Time Formatting for the Time Log exports when required:

  • Create a column next (does not matter which side) to the column of data you wish to format. This column will be temporary.
  • In the top cell of the new column you just created, to the left/right of the column with the data you wish to format, use the “TEXT” function in the following way:
    • “=TEXT(<cell>, <format style>)” e.g. “=TEXT(C2, "dd/mm/yyyy”)”
  • After you’ve populated the new column with new the newly formatted data, select all the new data, right click and select “Copy”.
  • Now, select all of the old data you wish to replace with this new data, right click and select “Paste Special…”.
  • There will be a few options shown, select “Values” from the “Paste” section and click “OK”. The new data should replace the old data.
  • Delete the temporary column.
    See the attached gifs below for examples of formatting Dates and Times with this method.



    • Select “File” and choose “Save As…”.
    • Save the file as a .xlxs/.csv file (whichever is required).