#1 Please note that our SIP line only guarantee calling to 2 types of toll free :

  • International toll free Singapore 800 (It can be reached from overseas)
  • Local toll free Singapore 1800 (can only be reached from Singapore)

Besides, We have not support calling to other emergency DIDs such as :993,995,997,1777 at this time.

We are trying to improve on this case, also we will keep update to you when it's available.

#2 Kindly remember to dial prefix +65 before toll free 1800 xxx xxxx

Alternatively, you configure the portal to append +65 in order to dial 1800xxxxx only.

However, then when you dial a US number, it will also append +65 and may cause a call fails.

This can be set under the SIP app -> Dial Plan. ( you can refer the screen shot below)

  • For 1800, they need to set: Number starts with 1800 Length of 11 Then prepend 65
  • For 800, they need to set :Number starts with 800 Length of 10 Then prepend 65