Backup line forwards all the incoming calls of SIP number to a backup number (ie your mobile number or one your existing numbers). This is useful for emergency situations, for example :

  • Internet line are down
  • The PBX disruptions
  • IP Phone does not work

It is recommended to activate your backup line for emergency only. Kindly refer to the steps below :

  1. Login your account at
  2. Go to SIP app > Reliability > Backup Line
    * If your SIP line are under company account, please switch from personal account to company account to see your SIP configuration
  3. Activate (enable) Backup Line

  4. If you have more than 1 DID, please press "Customize it" to see all the DIDs.
    • DID number is your SIP subscription DID.
    • Backup number is destination DID that you want to receive the incoming call, i.e: your handphone DID, another landline DID. You need to set up back up line for each DID.
    • Master Backup line number is also the destination DID. In case the DID number doesn't have Backup Number, then it's will be forwarded all to Master Backup line number.
    • Once done, please remember that you need to press "Save changes".

*** Please note that you need have enough sufficient Hoiio Credit to use this feature. The forwarding charge will be same as the outgoing call charge.