This article is to help you with the configuration on user IP phone or Mobile phone, based on the add-on your customers are using.

1. IP Phone License:

  • Can be used with IP Phone or Softphone
  • Able to make outgoing and receive incoming calls

Option 1: Manual Provision

  1. Go to BizPhone app and get the SIP credentials under Extension Control section - Sip Account Info for IP Phone 
  2. Use the credentials to configure the IP Phone or softphone. This step varies depending on the phone model. You can check with the phone provider for the details.

Option 2: Auto Provision

This option is only available for Yealink phones that are purchased through Hoiio.

  1. Go to Bizphone app then click Provisioning tab
  2. You should see the list of MAC addresses of all your phones there. If not, click Import to import them in
  3. Click Auto Provision. The MAC addresses will be assigned randomly to the extensions
  4. (Optional) You can reassign the MAC address to the designated extension.
  5. Connect the phones to the internet and they will get provisioned automatically.

2. Mobile phone license:

  • Able to make outgoing calls only
  • Support both Android and iOS

Step 1: Ask your customers to download the mobile app: BizPhone by B3Networks from the respective app store.

Step 2: Go to BizPhone app and click the extension you want to assign the mobile license to

Step 3: Click Assign Staff then assign it to the desired user.

Send an activation link to your user

Step 4: Click the link to send the magic link to them. They should receive the email similar to the one below

Step 5: Login to the app using either of the 2 methods

  1. Open the email from their smartphone and click the magic link    Click here   
  2. Open the app and key in the provided code