There are many kind of softphone you can use, Hoiio System can be compatible with Xlite or Zoiper softphone.

One sample to register to Zoiper:

- Download Zoiper to your computer or mobile

- Open the app as below

At the bottom of the right panel, there are sip credentials. Please use the sip credentials to register your softphone or IP phone.

Follow these guide of step by step to set up Zoiper Soft Phone for Windows with Hoiio SIP:

1. Go to and download software.  
2. After installing the Zoiper, follow guide of, please launch the Zoiper
3. Goto Setting >> Create a New Account


4. Select Account type is SIP

5. Enter SIP account information that Hoiio has given to you.

6. Click on Next button


7. Then click Close button to confirm account is added