1. Set extensions: allows the callers to reach the right person they wanted to meet.

Configure greeting message “Welcome to ABC company, please press 1 for, press 2 for…”

  • Select Set extensions > Select language > Enter your message

  • Click "Try it" to hear your message (A call will be made to the specified number and will be charge to your Hoiio credit)

  • You can set unlimited extensions; however, the welcome message is currently limited to 450 characters.

Screenshot (376).png

Configure extensionsafter pressing the extension number, it will be forwarded to the assigned agent.

  • Enter the extension number [1] and label [Agent 1] > Select command [Transfer call] > Key in BizPhone extension number.

  • Click on Create when finished.

Screenshot (378).png
2. Transfer to number: allows calls to be forwarded to a preferred extension or all the existing extensions.

  • Select Transfer call

  • Key in the BizPhone extensions (01, 101, 104, 105…)

  • Click on Create when finished

Screenshot (381).png