Admin/Owner will be able to access the Bizphone App to control all the existing extensions under the BizPhone application.

From the Main page - top bar

1. Activation Checklist: 

  • Items: where you can see name of the License under your account, i.e Mobile License, IP License, DNC License
  • Incomplete: Number of License that is purchased, but not created inside the app and activated for use yet
  • Complete: Number of in-use license
  • Per below screenshot, this account has (37+6) License in total, 37 is waiting for setup, 6 is currently in use

2. Extension Control: where you can get the full list of all current extensions under your Bizphone

  • Search box to make life more easy to find the needed extension
  • EXT. Key: random number to label your extension
  • Label: Name of user, or nickname for easy remember and setup
  • Credit Allocation: budget of usage credits for one user per month. It is Unlimited by default
  • Assigned Licenses: type of License for that extension, could be both Mobile and IP Phone

3. Call

  • Call Settings: you can opt to Ring IP Phone, Ring mobile phone, Ring extensions, and Set-up Mailbox. Please click Save once done
  • Make a Call: Select a call type, keyin Recipient number and make call on web portal

4. Plan

To set up the Dial Plan, Caller ID Plan, PIN Plan

5. Connected Devices

To check if your extension has been connected or registered successfully on your device. If it shows "No device has been connected to this SIP account in the last 7 days.", please check the registration of that extension again. 

6. Country Whitelist / Blacklist

Manage and Customize your business phone lines Whitelist/ Blacklist

  • Blacklist and Whitelist control 
  •  "The Applied to" from right side allows you to customize settings for specific extension

7. History

You can have specific call log with the Time range tables and search filtering as below screenshot. 

Otherwise, there is option to download CSV file (the blue button). In case there are a large amount of calls log in your history, please be patience while our system collect and produce the call history for you. 

  • From: source number/extension
  • To: Destination number/extension
  • Answered by: the number/extension which answers the call
  • Type: internal, incoming or outgoing 
  • Start and Finish: beginning and ending time of call
  • Duration: length of call
  • Voicemail: the message of caller for missed call