BizPhone is a VoIP solution with a lot of inbuilt features traditionally supported by IP-PBX only and much more. Instead of using the traditional means of communication; landline or cellular network, the VoIP software works to ‘translate’ your spoken word into digital signals that can be transmitted online.

One advantage of VoIP is that it costs less to run than traditional forms of communication by reducing line-rental, flag-fall, IT maintenance, hardware update/replacing and other telephony hidden costs.


- Allows your business to make telephone calls using the Internet from an IP Phone/Softphone (IP License) or from mobile phone (Mobile License).

- Compatibility with all SIP - enabled devices.

- Support all inbuilt features traditionally supported by IP-PBX only and much more, such as Call transfer, Call hold (IP License).

- Designed for easy to set-up and self-management within minutes

- International numbers, toll free, landline, mobile and golden numbers.

- Integration with Call Recording, Virtual Line, Global DNC and other add-on to become a full Cloud PBX solution for SME and Enterprises

- No contract, no minimum usage

The table below indicate the different between the Mobile License and IP License of Bizphone 

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