The align subscription option allows the user or company account administrator to change the subscription expiry dates for all subscriptions to the same day. This allows the user to consolidate the subscriptions payment in a single bill instead of receiving multiple bills on separate days. 

The tool will automatically align all eligible subscriptions - subscriptions which still has more than 3 months left before they expiry are not allowed to be aligned and will automatically be excluded. 

The user/company administrator performing this alignment will be charged at a pro-rated price for each subscription being "aligned" (i.e. having its expiry date set to the selected date). The price for each subscription being aligned is calculated as follows:

Price per subscription = Subscription cost per month * (Number of days from expiry to the nearest aligned date / Number of days in the expiry month)

For example, if the user has two subscriptions chargeable at $10/month:

  • Subscription A: Expiry on 17th Jan 2013
  • Subscription B: Expiry on 3th Feb 2013
  • Subscription C: Expiry on 21st Apr 2013


    If the user attempts to align subscriptions on 13th Jan and wants to align them to the 1st of every month, the alignment cost will be calculated as follows:

    • Subscription A: 10 * 15 days / 31 days (in Jan) = 4.838, new expiry on 1st Feb 2013
    • Subscription B: 10 * 26 days / 28 days (in Feb) = 9.285, new expiry on 1st Mar 2013
    • Subscription C: not eligible for alignment as it's expiry is still more than 3 months away

    The total alignment cost would be $14.12.

    For the steps by steps process, kindly refer to below image