1. Is it a Regular Number or ISDN?

a. If regular number proceed to next checklist.

b. If ISDN, relocation is needed.

2. Is the number tied to any contract ?(Eg MIO Bundle)

a. if Yes, we are unable to port unless you are willing to incur all termination charges

b. if No please proceed to next checklist

3. Do you have other ancillary services with Telco? (Eg. Phone-net, hunting lines, ancillary lines)

a. If yes, please check with the Telco if the number is able to port without terminating the services beforehand.

b. If No, please proceed to next checklist

4. Do you have a Number Retention Service?

a. If Yes, we are not able to port unless you terminate the Number Retention Service first before transfer and porting. Downtime have to bear downtime at own cost.

b. If No, please proceed to next checklist

5. Do you have a minimum termination notice period for your subscriptions?

a. If Yes, please proceed to raise the termination with your currentTelco first, apply to transfer to Hoiio only after the termination notice period is served.

b. If No, you are ready to transfer the account to Hoiio, Pleas proceed to raise the request with the forms to your current Telco.

* Hoiio is currently able to port ONLY Singtel numbers. Other Telcos coming soon.