Zoiper v3:

Follow these guide of step by step  to set up Zoiper Soft Phone for Windows with Hoiio SIP:

1. Go to zoiper.com and download  software.         

2. After install the Zoiper follow guide of zoiper.com, please launch the Zoiper 

3. Goto Setting >> Create a New Account

4. Select Account type is SIP

5. Enter SIP account information, that Hoiio give to you

6. Click on Next button

7. Then click Close button to confirm account is added

Now You can use your Soft phone, If you still interested in optimize your softphone go to next advanced step.

  • If you're using firewall on your network, please configure firewall allows VoIP traffic (see the firewall information on Hoiio User Portal)
  • To make outgoing calls, follow this standard: <country code> + <area code> + <destination>. For example, if you are calling a Singapore number 1234 5678, key in: 6512345678 and call.

Advanced Configuration.

8. Goto Settings >> Preferences

9. Select your Account Name (that you've set at step 6th), goto Codec tab then select a-law, u-law, G729 and GSM (if you don't have G729 you can buy it if you need)

10. Goto Advanced tab, optimize the parameter such as below:
  • Transport: UDP/TCP or TLS
  • DTMF mode: RFC-2833


#1 Fill in SIP account and SIP password on there and press the button "Login":

#2 Put in the SIP Domain and press the button "Next":

#3 No need to choose outbound proxy, just press the button "Skip":

#4 Choose option SIP TCP and press the button "Next":

#5 Put the SIP number or CallerID which under your account:

#6 Selected Codecs should be ONLY G.711 mu-law and G.711 a-law:

P/s: Other setting options should be as defaults

#7 Save changed all options and go back to the background Zoiper to use: