With Hoiio Call Tracking now you can choose to display different numbers based on the country of the user.

This is done using our special "Geographical Number Insertion" technology which works by detecting the location of the user from his IP address.

So for example: for visitors to your website from Singapore, you can display a Singapore number for them to call. While for visitors from Malaysia, you can display a Malaysian number, etc.

Call to either of these numbers will go to a predefined number of your choice (this could be anywhere in the world).

Current Hoiio Call Tracking supports numbers for 50+ countries.

This is how you can configure geographical number insertion using hoiio:

1. Log in to your hoiio.com account and go to the call tracking app.

2. Create a new campaign or navigate to an existing campaign and add a tracker.

3. Select "track visitors"

(screenshot below)


4. Choose a tracker name and placeholder text. The text in the placeholder text field will be displayed for users from a source that you do not wish to track.

So we recommend you use your phone number here. 

5. Now in the "Tracking countries" field, choose only the country that you want to display this number to. The placeholder text on your web page will be automatically replaced with your hoiio call tracking number that you select in the next step. All other visitors will see the placeholder text (read bullet #4)

6. Now click on the ' v ' option and select only the number you want to display for this tracker (ideally a number for the country selected in step #5. For this you can buy a Direct Line, Virtual Line or SIP subscription for 50+ countries from www.hoiio.com

7. Click "Create Tracker" and you'll get the code you need to paste on your website before the </head> tag. Paste this code on all webpages you want to display the number on.

Voila you're done!

Now visitors from the country(ies) selected in Step #5 will see your chosen call tracking number. The rest will see your placeholder number.

You can show visitors of different countries a local number by creating multiple trackers with a number for their own country.

Currently hoiio provides numbers for Singapore, HK, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, UK, Australia, NZ, etc - a total of 50+ countries.

Feel free to contact us at sales@hoiio.com anytime for numbers of your country.