Fantastic inbuilt Calling Methods of Bizphone - Mobile application for using on the go. 

Note: Some of the calling methods might not be available depending on your smartphone and your country.


Makes a call request via Internet (Wifi/GPRS/3G). Hoiio will call you back on your phone. On receiving this Incoming Call, Hoiio will bridge your call to the destination you've intended to call.

Data required: About 5KB per call initiated

When to use:

  • Having free Incoming Call telco plan
  • Poor internet connection
  • Low data consumption

Warning: Avoid use when overseas. The call to your phone will incur roaming charges by your telco. Hoiio will not be responsible for roaming charges incur from misuse.

Internet Call

Your phone directly transmit the voices over the internet to Hoiio. Hoiio will reach your destination through the traditional phone network. As the voices are transmitted over the internet, you will require reliable, fast and latency-free internet connection. 

In Singapore, we have tested that 3G and below are not sufficient for Internet Call. LTE (4G) or a good WiFi should work well.

Data required:

  • About 220KB per minute of call
  • With a @GB data plan, you'll need to make about 4,500 minutes of call to expend the quota.

When to use:

  • Excellent internet connection
  • More savings by avoiding the call to your phone.
  • Overseas (Wifi only)

WarningDisable data roaming when overseas. Pleas use WiFi instead. Hoiio will not be responsible for data roaming charges incur from misuse.

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