From the Fax portal, you may notice
  • Dashboard for History of files sent and received
  • Settings to add/ remove the destination emails. Please remember to click Save Changes.


Sending Fax

On Dashboard, you can click on Send Fax at the top right to begin to send out faxes.

  • Key in the Fax Header and destination number in To box. (Manually add the destination number is possible)
  • Upload PDF file or PGN / JPG / JPEG / BMP image to send 
  • You can choose to bypass GLOBAL DNC
  • Click Send

Receiving Fax

To configure the email address receiving incoming faxes, switch on the Settings tab on top bar.

  • Hint to add more email(s): after keying in, click Enter to save the email before adding another one.
  • Make sure you click Save Changes to enable your settings.