Direct line is a call forwarding app that allows you to stay connected with your business even when you are at home, on the road or overseas. It can ring up to 6 local or international numbers at one time, assuring that you will never miss any important call.



Be mobile

No more office desk phone. Skip the wires and be mobile. Simply use Direct Line off your personal smart phone.

Separate your personal life

Give out your personal mobile number to people who matter most. For the rest, give them your direct line number. You don't want someone you don't really know, to call you up at your most busy times.

Control the time you receive call

You can configure the time Direct Line would forward calls to your mobile. At the right time. Not when you are enjoying your personal time.

Control the phone to receive the call

Control which phone to ring at which hours. Or set them to ring simultaneously so you can choose which phone to pick up the call. It's great to ring your overseas phone when you overseas too.


Voice Mail

In times when you don't receive calls, you can send them to voice mail. Access your voice mail easily online or over emails.

Missed Call Log

Check those who tried to contact you during your off-time with Missed call notification via SMS or email with voicemail. Supported in multiple languages.


Annoyed by cold calls or spams? That's because they've gotten your number when you filled up some lucky draw forms, or distributed your name card. Give out your Direct Line instead and protect your personal mobile number. If the spammers reach you on your Direct Line, you can add them to a blacklist.

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