Setting up a Direct Line is easy. You can do so at the comfort of your desktop by logging in via the web portal. Once completed, all changes will be reflected real-time.

Web Portal
To configure calls, login to your user portal first. 
  • Click on Main Menu icon (triple bars icon), select Direct Line
  • Once inside, check if you are on the correct Direct Line account by clicking on the number on top right corner Under Configure > Select Forwarding numbers.
  • Click on the [+] icon to start adding more Recipient lines (max. 6 lines)

  • Label: Label the phone number for easy identification purposes.
  • Forward calls to: Enter the phone number (with [+] and country code.
  • Receiving calls:
    - Tick/ check if you wish to know the incoming calls to your device is through the Direct Line or directly on your SIM card.
    - Un-tick/ un-check if you want to know the real Caller number.
  • Number schedule:
    - Active all time: If you would like calls forwarded to this number all the time.
    - Active in office hours: If you would like customize the period of time calls are forwarded.
    - Inactivate: Turn off the call forwarding 

Hints to configure the Office Hours
  • Timezone: Upon selecting Active in office hours, you can select the timezone.
  • Hours: Configure the specific time you want calls to be forwarded to you on each day of the week.
  • If you do not want to receive any calls at all on a particular day, click the blue button to switch off.
    Apply: When you are done, click on Apply.

In order to configure another number, click on [+] button repeat the steps 1 to 6 again.

Mobile - Not Available since 21 November 2016


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