What happens when I decide to unsubscribe my Virtual Line service?

  • The Virtual Line will carry on running until the expiry date and then it will be terminated.
  • However, the Hoiio number sticks with that subscription will be reserved for 3 months under your account. Upon expiration of the reservation period, you will lose the subscription permanently.


How do I unsubscribe?

  • Log in to the user portal. 
  • Make sure if you are in the right account view - Personal/ Company.
  • Choose Subscription tab (1) > click on User on the right hand side (2) > Choose Unsubscribe at the bottom (3)

If you wish to terminate the service, which means stopping using it immediately, kindly drop us an email at support@hoiio.com. However, the unused charge for the remaining days will not be refunded, according tHoiio Term of use