What is SIP?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is a communications protocol for signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions. The most common applications of SIP are in Internet telephony for voice, video calls and collaborative multi-media conference session, as well as instant messaging all over Internet Protocol networks.

There are a myriad of advantages that SIP can offer businesses over ISDN, and we’ve outlined a few of the major ones below.

  • Scalability  
  • Portability  
  • Interoperability  
  • Quality  
  • Price

What is Hoiio SIP?

A reliable SIP trunking solution for better call quality at much lower call charges. SIP Trunk can be instantly purchased, upgrade or downgraded as your need arises. You can also have local presence in 60+ countries with our wide range of landline, mobile, toll-free and golden DID numbers.

Hoiio SIP App

* This app is designed for SIP administrators. Support for hardware, configuration and setup should come from your SIP hardware providers.