First of all, you need to contact Hoiio Sales team ( for 

- Account Creation

- Service consultant (charge, cycle, discount)

- Service activation back end 

Once get the confirmation from our team, please follow the below steps

1. Download Bizphone by B3Networks

2. Key in email and password (of your Hoiio account)

3. Select domain: Hoiio (if asked)

4. Go to your mail email to take verification code and key in to Bizphone app

5. Select the organization account

6. Confirm to sign in

7. Choose your calling mode and making your first call. 

Making Your First Call

  • Click the Bizphone icon on your phone to launch it.
  • Once the app is started, you will be direct to the Contact list. 
  • Click on the Wheel icon on top left side to ensure the Caller ID and Calling Method is on the right mode. Hoiio offers two different calling methods, Internet Call and Call Back.
  • Click Back to be on Main Screen. 
  • Click the Dial Pad icon on top right corner to access the Dial Screen. The country code is already there, so you only key in the destination number and click on Call Button.


Internet Call: This calling method lets you make calls over the internet phone is connected to. Recommended when you are oversea and urge to make the international calls. Please ensure that the Internet connection is strong and stable for this service (i.e Wifi network connection). 

Call Back: This calling method lets you make local and international calls without a strong Internet connection. If you make calls using Call Back, the Hoiio app sends a signal to our system. Then our system calls you back, calls the party you want to call and connects both the calls. So it's like an incoming call for you (great if you have free incoming calls on your mobile).

The main advantage of using Call Back is that you don't need a strong Internet connection to make calls. A connection is only required to send the initial signal to our system after which you can even disconnect from the internet and continue to talk (it's just like an incoming call for you).

So you can also use your 2G/3G/4G connection to use Call Back (as only 5KB of data is used to send the initial call signal). 


Avoid using Call Back when overseas. 

The call to your phone will incur roaming charges by your Telco provider. 

Hoiio will not be responsible for roaming charges incur from misuse.

Once you have chosen your preferred calling method, just dial the name or the number of the person you want to call and click on the call button.