Hoiio for Company is the Business account provided by Hoiio. It is a great way to improve communication and productivity at your workplace.

Here is a quick guide to getting started with Hoiio for Company.

1. Create your company account

You will need a personal account for this. If you don't have one already, 
click here to create your free Hoiio personal account.

Once you are logged in to your personal account, click on the "Create New Company account" to create your company account.


You will then be prompted to fill in your Company name and email address. This is the email your company invoices are sent to and it can be same as the email address that you used to sign up with. We will send you a verification email, click on this and you will have successfully created your company account!

To manage your company account, simply click on "The three persons icon" the upper-left corner of the page and select "Home". Please note that only the account Owner and Administrator can access this page.

2. Invite co-workers to join

Once you have signed up, you are ready to invite your colleagues to share your company account. 

To do this, log in to your Organization Company account --> Home (from the left sidebar) ---> "Overview" --> Click icon "Add member" 

You will be able to invite people to join your company account using their email addresses. They will receive an email with the invitation links. 

You can add more and remove existing members from this page any time you want. 

Note: an user must have a Hoiio account before being added to Organization account. To register a new account, please refer to: Create an Account

In the next steps, new users have to log in to their accounts on Hoiio web portal first, and then click "Accept Invitation" in the Invitation emails


Once they click on the links after logging, they will automatically be added as members to your company account. 

3. Subscribe to Hoiio apps for your company and top-up your credits

With your company account, you can subscribe to Hoiio apps for your employees. To subscribe, you can either:

  • Click on the link which says "Explore App Store" in the left sidebar.

Now you will see a page listing all our apps. Click on the app you are interested in and then click on the "Install App" button to proceed and Buy the app. 
  • OR, you can go to Home --> Subscriptions --> then Purchase

To top-up your company credits, simply go to Home --> Payment --> click Top Up. You can top-up using PayPal, Credit Card, Telegraphic Transfer or by mailing us a Cheque.

4. Assign subscriptions

Now that you have bought subscriptions and credits for your company, it's time to assign them to your employees. 

Once you have subscribed to apps for your company (Step #3), you can assign them to your employees. 

To assign an app to the employee, go to Home ---> Subscriptions --> choose the subscription ---> Manage as shown in the figure below. 

Now you can assign this app to all the users you want (an app can be assigned to more than 1 user as shown in the image below), then Save.

5. Customize apps for your business needs

Once you have assigned an app to an employee/user in your company account, he/she can configure it according to their own requirements.

If you (the administrator of the company account) want to use an app, you must assign it to yourself first as shown in Step #4.

Once an app is assigned to a user, it will be visible to them on their left sidebar. Now they can just click on the app from the sidebar and proceed to  configure in the left sidebar and proceed.

Hope this short tutorial tells you all you need to know about running a company account with Hoiio. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@hoiio.com.