Disclaimer: Hoiio will not be responsible for any roaming charges incurred from the telcos due to any reason including misuse of the Hoiio app, or misinterpretation or error in this article.

1. What do you need:

  • A SIM card of the overseas country (preferably with data plan)
  • Internet access - either from data plan using the overseas country SIM card, or WiFi. Avoid data roaming with home country SIM card.

2. Steps

  • Replace your home country SIM card with the overseas country SIM card
  • With the internet access, open Hoiio app in your mobile
  • Open the left menu and, click [Settings]
  • Under [Call Settings], click [Call From]
  • Change the [Call From] number, to the number of the overseas country SIM card
  • Press [Ok] to save
  • You may now start a callback with the internet access.

3. When you are back

  • Change your [Call From] back to your home country number.

4. What are the charges?

  • On your overseas country SIM card, you pay for incoming local call charges if any.
  • To Hoiio, you pay for the callback charges from the country you are in, to the country you are calling to.
    As our callback charges displayed on our websites assume you are in your home country, you may need to calculate the rate for this special case manually. Charges are:
    (internet call cost to country you are in) + (internet call cost to country you are calling to)

If you are unsure

  • Please use just the internet call with the WiFi you can get when you are overseas.

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