Disclaimer: Hoiio will not be responsible for any roaming charges incurred from the telcos due to any reason including misuse of he Hoiio app, or misinterpratation or error in this article.

Simplest Method

  • When you are roaming overseas, when someone calls you, don't pick up the call. Hang up!
  • Use Hoiio Internet Call to call the person back.

That's the simplest but a rather crude method. The alternative is to use Direct Line.

Direct Line Method

A. What you will need:

  • Hoiio Direct Line (Please contact our Sales for account creation and service activation within minutes)
  • An overseas country SIM card

B. Steps

  • Go to web portal and set-up your Direct Line to forward incoming calls to the SIM card of the overseas country: How do I configure call forwarding with Direct Line?
  • Replace your home country SIM card with the oversea country SIM card. 
  • Disable data roaming on your phone. Please check your phone manual.
  • When someone calls your Direct Line, which in turns to your overseas SIM.

C. Tips

  • You should give our your Direct Line number to your business collaborators, instead of your mobile number. A Direct Line number is like your office number.
  • With Direct Line, you can control where it forwards to whenever you are. It can even ring multiple phones simultaneously. After which, you can choose which phone to receive and connect the call by picking up the call.
  • You can also configure the office hours you like to receive your calls. Avoid waking up in the middle of the night. Regain control of your personal life.
  • Yet, don't miss a call with voice mail and missed call features.

D. What are the charges?

  • The forwarding call rate to your overseas country number.
  • Subscription for Direct Line number