1.  Log in to your Hoiio account and click on the left top corner Menu icon -> SMS Marketing

2. Quick SMS:


3.  Sending Mass of SMS

Under "Campaign" Tab, then click [Create campaign]

- Type a name for your campaign. 

- Choose Sender Name (to be shown to your recipients) (you can re-brand to another name or number by submit docs to Hoiio support)

- Use [Merge tag] to tag customer's name from your contact list (if needed)

- Click [Browse] to upload the contact list (CSV format)

- Set sending time by [Schedule at] or click [Send Now]

As default, it is 160 characters/SMS. If you key more than 160, it will be spitted into multiple SMS.
If you allow the unsubscribe option, your message capacity will be shortened to 124 characters to account for the unsubscribe message.

After your campaign has been successfully sent, you will be able to view a detailed report of your campaign from "Campaign" Tab.

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