SMS Unsubscription Tools

Using the SMS marketing unsubscription function, you can allow your customers to unsubscribe by themselves or get multiple numbers unsubscribed at a time. Therefore, you can free yourself from tedious work of editing your recipients every time somebody unsubscribes.

  * This service is only available for those who subscribe to a SMS Marketing Premium account.
  * Go to Hoiio App Store to find out more about our SMS Marketing Premium account.

There are 2 unsubscribe support services: Web Form and Unsubscribers Upload Tool.

Web Unsubscription 

Do take note that the unsubscribe message contributes to the 160 character count. 

If you have a problem creating a marketing campaign, please refer to 
Getting Started with SMS Marketing.

・If you choose "Web Form",

Your subscribers will receive a link to a webpage where they can unsubscribe to your SMS markeitng.

   *This is how the Web Form would look like!

When a recipient unsubscribe, his number will be automatically added in your account blacklist. In case you are using SpiderGate, the number will go the centralized blacklist of your agency. 

Unsubscribers Upload Tool

You can also on-board your unsubscribers by uploading a CSV file.

1.     Go to SMS Marketing > Unsubscribers, and click on "Upload".

2.    Download the CSV template which is available on the pop-up window.

3.     Edit and upload the CSV file.

4.     After uploading the file, click on "Save". Your unsubscriber list will be updated accordingly and unsubscribed numbers are automatically excluded from your recipients.

*Important: how to undo unsubscription
In order to delete a number from your Unsubscriber List, enter a number in the window in the upper right and search. After you find the number, click on the trash can icon and click on "OK" in the pop-up window.

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