How do I configure SNOM 710 IP Phone with Hoiio SIP?

*You need a Hoiio SIP Line. If you have not gotten one yet, please refer to Getting started with SIP.

You can configure SNOM 710 VoIP Phone by following these steps below.
1. Assemble your IP phone device and connect it to network, power source and handset. You can refer to User Manual by Snom.
2. On your IP-Phone device, click "Setting" and go to > Information > System Info, and get the IP Address.
3. Open a web browser and type your IP address in the address bar.


4. Once you get to the web configuration interface, click on "Identity 1" under "Setup" on the left corner.


5. Enter the following information on the "SIP" tab:    
  • Displayname: Anything you want to appear on the LCD of your IP-Phone
  • Account: SIP account we provide (e.g. sip1234567)
  • Password: SIP password we provide
  • Registrar:

Make sure the Identity is active. Then click on "Apply".


6.   Click on "RTP" tab and enter g711,g729,gsm in "Codec" window. Then click on "Apply".


7. Now your IP-Phone reboots itself and you are ready to make/receive calls.

**To make outgoing calls, follow this standard: <country code> + <area code> + <destination>. For example, if you are calling a Singapore number 1234 5678, key in: 65 1234 5678 and call.

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