Do you know that you can search your contact names with English alphabets easily on the number dialpad (instead of the qwerty keyboard)? This article will show you how.

Search Using Dialpad

  1. Notice the dialpad has alphabets next to some numbers? To search for a contact name, spell the contact name by pressing the number containing the alphabet.

  2. For example, if you want to search for the name "Stanley", for the alphabet "S", press 7. For the next alphabet, "T", press 8. By the 4th alphabets, you would have spelled "STAN", and entered "7826". See the search output here:

  3. By the fourth alphabet, you should be pretty much able to narrow down the contacts you want to call. You can click on the contacts in the search result to call them.

Numbers Too

This search method can also be used to search for a number too. If you remember someone's number that contains say, "1234", you can type that in too to find his contact.

Hoiio App

We did not invent this. This method was introduced in Android. But we make it work in Hoiio app, including that of iPhone too.