• Credits are used for your call, SMS and fax usage.
  • Credits are also used for forwarded calls in some apps like Virtual Line and Direct Line.
  • Each of the Call/SMS/Fax usage transaction deducts from your credit balance.


  • Subscriptions are regular payment for maintaining app and number services
  • Subscription deduct directly from your credit card (except for corporate payment users).

What are the Usage and Subscription charges?

All the payment information can be found in the App Store. Look for the app you are using, and check the Pricing (Subscription Rates) and Usage Charges (Credits).

Why isn't Subscription deducted from Credits?

Credit is excellent for micro-transactions, where Call/SMS/Fax can be as little as cents. It doesn't make sense to deduct the money from the Credit Card every time there's such small transactions. On the other hand, a Subscription transaction is larger in amount. Often, it is too large to deduct from the balance as most users would not have much money in there.

We also want to better state in the Receipts and Invoices on which Credit Card deduction goes to -- for credit Top Up or for an App Subscription.