You can integrate SpiderGate into your Hoiio SIP lines. To do that, however, your system needs to be compatible with SIP first. Here are 4 major scenarios where you can utilize SpiderGate with Hoiio SIP.

If you use want to keep your traditional PABX, option 1 and 2 are available for you.
If you use IP-PBX, option 3 is your case.
For those who connect IP phones directly to Hoiio SIP, please refer to the case 4.

1.   PABX with Gateway

Even if you use traditional analog PABX (PBX), you can still use Hoiio SIP. Gateway will convert analog signal into digital so it can go through IP network.

2.   Hybrid PABX (SIP Card)

Alternatively, you can utilize a SIP card to make your PABX hybrid. The PABX will then work as both analog and digital.

3.   IP-PBX

If you are using IP-PBX, you can just configure Hoiio SIP with your IP-PBX.

4.   IP Phones

You can also configure each IP phone with one Hoiio SIP line, in which case you will not need PABX or IP-PBX.

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