If you are a company account administrator, you may assign app subscriptions to one or more members to use. Assigning an app subscription to a member grants the member access to the app. The company administrator may modify assignments at any time.

Assigning multiple members to an app does not change the app's behavior. For example, if a Direct Line subscription was assigned to Max and Steve, any configuration made by Max (for example, forwarding calls to Max's mobile number) will be applied to this "shared" subscription. If Steve makes any forwarding changes, it would overwrite Max's previous configuration.

A benefit of assigning multiple members to a subscription is that assigned members may use the Hoiio number (linked to the subscription) as their caller id.

An application subscription in a company account will no longer work if there were no members assigned to that app. For example, if a Direct Line were configured to forward to a number, the forwarding would fail if the administrator removes all members assigned to it.