As much as we would like to never miss a phone call, there are times when we just can't get to it in time. Then there are missed call feature that allows to customize your own message and notification by SMS and email.

To configure your missed call notification settings, you need to log in your Hoiio account portal and open the Direct Line configuration board first. Then select Missed Calls tab from left side section - under Configure tab

This is how the Missed Call section look like. Guidance is after the screenshot.

- Notification Method: You can either upload a custom recorded (.mp3) format or create your own message with text-to-speech technology.

- Language: Customize your message Language settings.

- Message: Key in your missed call message.

- Elapsed Time: Select your preferred ring time before a missed call is triggered. Click on Try it to receive a call back from Hoiio to your phone that will play the configured miss call message.

- After Message: Select the preferred action after the missed call message has been played to the caller: Simply hang up the call; Record caller's number and notify; or Record voice mail and notify.

- Notify me via email: Enter the email address you would like to receive missed call notification.

- Notify me via SMS: If you would like to be notified immediately, check the box to receive SMS notifications. However, this will cost you 1.7 cent/SMS from your Hoiio credits.