The best practices for deploying Hoiio SIP are follows:

Multiple Codec

Multiple codec should be configured in the SIP Client settings with the following priorty:

  1. G.729 (Highest Priority)
  2. G.711A
  3. G.711U
  4. GSM (Lowest Priority)

*Do note that your SIP Client may not have some of the codecs listed above. Just add in the supported ones.

Additional Security

Hoiio SIP is designed with additional security features listed below:

  • IP Whitelist: This ensures that only calls originating from predefined. IP addresses can be made.
  • Country Whitelist: This ensures that only calls to predefined countries can be made.
  • SIP TLS & SRTP: This ensures that your voice traffic is fully encrypted between your SIP Client to the Hoiio SIP Servers