Subscription Renewal Process

1. Subscription renewal fee will be deducted directly from sufficient Hoiio Credits.

2. If the Hoiio credits is insufficient. Hoiio system will try to top-up first, and regardless of top-up result, system will try to deduct points to renew subscription. If it is not enough points, then it failed to renew.

If the process finished, customer will receive 1 Commercial Invoice only for the real money (Top up transaction). For further information, you may check at "Usage History" under Hoiio account or Monthly Tax Invoice

Auto renewal failed

Sometimes, the auto renewal may fail due to payment issues. In such cases, you'll receive an auto-generated email notification three days before your subscription expires. If you wish to renew your subscription, follow the instruction in the email to recover you subscription within these three days.

You may still resubscribe your number within 3 months after the expiry date. However, during this period your subscription is temporarily suspended and you will be unable to use the service. To re-active the service, simply drop an email to