→What is Do-Not-Call (DNC)?
Starting from 2 January 2014, the Do Not Call (DNC) rule was brought up by Singapore Government under PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act). Under this rule every citizen could register their number (mobile/landline) under government DNC registry. Once it is registered any telemarketing call/sms sent to those number without having written consent, will be against the rule and may face fine up to 10.000 SGD/case, if the receiver files complain. This is especially designed for B2C, not B2B.

→How Does Global DNC resolve the issue?

Since 2014, We have a solution Global DNC which automatically checks and blocks (or inform the number's DNC status) all Calls/SMS before you send out with the PDPA DNC registry. This compliance suite automatically integrates with your existing Hoiio Calls and SMS in real time check DNC, such as Cloud PBX, Bizphone, SIP, SMS Marketing..

It comes with features like:

  • Automatic DNC filtering of all calls and SMS 
  • Automatic unsubscription management for people who want to unsub from your messages
  • SMS Sender ID rebranding (so you can change sender name to your company name instead of a number (like how Singtel or DBS does it)

  • Compliance  - have all records of calls during audit trail (advance feature)
  • Blacklist/whitelist number for your company manually

If you are a registered company, agency or sole prop in Singapore, you are eligible to get Hoiio DPO (Data Protection Officer license) to execute all your sales and marketing communications in the safest way:

  • The Global DNC Compliance Window can only be accessed by the Data Protection Officer. No other unauthorised user will have access to it. It provides a status of whether a telephone number is on the 3 DNC registers (Call, SMS, Fax).
  • Blacklist and whitelist management (for the company’s consent management)
  • User management (to add and remove user)