Depending on your work flow, we may have many different answers for you upon specific cases. Hereby the illustrations are made for some of the most common use cases of our current customers:

1/ Working as office call system:

  • Integrate with Hoiio Office Landline in Cloud PBX, or SIP. 
  • Comply calls with DNC Realtime check and Company whitelist/blacklist
  • User manager and Usage History
  • Call Recording integration

2/ On-the-go Mobile agents:

  • For company who has independent agents/staff working at home or on-site.
  • Unify workforce and allow you to make calls on -the - go wherever you are.
  • Call Recording integration

3/ SMS Marketing solution:

Design for Business SMS Marketing campaign with:

- Realtime and Automated DNC and Company blacklist compliance

- Sending Mass of SMS at one click

- Customized Sender Name as Name or your own number, like Singtel or Starhub do.

- Unsubscribe link for recipients who do not wish to receive SMS in the future.

- SMS status Report, Unsubscribe list report.