When your company subscribe to Global DNC, you will be required to download the Bizphone mobile application which embeds the Global DNC service into your smart phone. Global DNC is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems only.

Before that, if you have not install the app, please check How to install the Bizphone mobile [Link]

Setting DNC check:

  1. By pass: Check DNC but allow all calls (DNC + Non DNC numbers)
  2. Bypass Company Blacklist: Block DNC but bypass Company blacklist
  3. Check and ask to bypass: 
    If it is DNC registry, there is a announcement voice to ask you if you wish to Press key 1 to proceed the call, 
    If it is not, you can hang up call. 
  4. Check and Block: The calls will be terminated if it is DNC registry

To make a call:

Go to Bizphone mobile > open the app > dial the number >  Press call

After checking, if the number is not listed w/ DNC, you will be connected to the person you are trying to call. Otherwise, you will receive a message saying if the number is DNC-listed.