Log in as DPO role (Data-Protection-Officer), Click the left top corner menu icon -> In the slide menu, click GLOBAL DNC 
- Now you have full access to Compliance Window with these setting pages as below:

1/ DNC check Manually

1.1. Single number look up: Key in the number you wish to check as <+65> <Number> , then [Enter]
1.2. Bulk Filtering: 

Upload CSV file of Contact number to get the result.
The DNC status result is valid within 30 days.

2/ Consent management

The page to mange your Company Black list and Whitelist for all of Calls, SMS and Fax.

You can either Import your own data by CSV file, on the other hand you can Export the current setting to save to your computer.

3/ User Management:

In License Management:

According to the licenses you purchased, the available slot can be assigned to selected member of the account.

Click [Assign] to tag the relevant license to your existing member of the Hoiio account.

There are 4 kinds of Licenses:

- DPO: Data Protection Officer - Full access to all windows, Assign/Remove/Add users, Mange Consent hub, Top-up..

- Managers: the role to be able manage the team under his/her list, Top-up.

- Staff: Have Portal access only/ Make calls either from Mobile or Company phone/ Access Web portal for  Bulk filtering/ Use company credits.

- Agents: Have No Portal access/ Only can make calls or check manual DNC from Mobile app/ Have personal account and Use personal credits