First you will need to login to your account.



Creating a New Call Tracking Campaign

Now that you are in your call tracking account, let’s create your first tracking campaign.

  • Click on the “+ Create new campaign” button on the left top

  • Enter your campaign name
  • Choose to integrate with Google Analytics
  • Notification: tick and enter your email if you wish to receive email for each incoming call. 
  • Call tagging: Immediately after you finish answering a call, we will call you, record your key presses and match them to tags that you configure here. For example, you want to record if a call is for general settings or trial request, just turn on this feature and configure it.


Configure Call tagging tab

Create a tracker

  • Now you need to create a “Tracker”. A tracker is a phone number or a group of phone numbers that can track the source of incoming calls (so basically trackers are where the magic happens) > click on the blue [+ Add Tracker] button.
  • Select your tracker type: You will be asked to choose one of 2 options: [Track Visitor] or [Track Offline] 



a. Track Visitors

Track Visitor is to track keywords and user locations, etc... on your website which resulted in the call. 

There are some simple steps below to create a new tracker,

Step 1: select [Track Visitors] > Key in [Campaign Name] > you can tick or not on “Send Tracking Statistics to Google Analytics” > [Save]



Step 2: 

  • Key in [Tracker Name] - Give the Tracker a memorable name, e.g. “ShoesStore Location” (if you were tracking Location keywords for an online Shoes Store)
  • Key in [Target Placeholder] - Please insert a string that will be dynamically replaced with the numbers in the pool configured in the previous step.
  • The Target Placeholder should be your default number. Visitors from the selected source will be shown the subscription number instead. Now, once you select this string, (e.g. 88888888), on your website, use this string wherever you want the number to be displayed. Our code will replace all instances of 88888888 with one of your virtual numbers, this lets us track the source of the call.


  • Click on [Next: Select tracking Sources]

Step 3:

Select Tracking Countries and Tracking source > [Next: Select tracking subscriptions]

Step 4 Subscription Pool: In this step, select the amount of tracking subscriptions in your pool
Note: The amount of subscriptions will be automatically selected from the pool. Or you can choose numbers in the pool manually if you want.

Step 5: Configure Call whispering
Call Whispering allows you to hear a message before a call starts. It is very useful for you to know what tracker or source a call comes from.
E.g: Your campaign have 2 trackers with source Google Adwords and Facebook and you can specify the call whispering message for each tracker respectively. When a customer visits your website from Google Adwords and makes a call, you will hear a message "This is a call comes from Google Adwords" before you starts answering the call.

Step 6: Create Tracker

Click on [Return to Dashboard] to receive the code



Step 7 - Paste code on your website: Paste this JavaScript code after the <head> tag of your webpage and the Dynamic Number Insertion will start replacing instances of your Target String with your virtual Hoiio numbers.




b. Track Offline

To track calls generated on Newspaper, Magazine, TV ads, etc... which resulted in the call. If you select “Track all visitors”, visitors from all sources will be tracked simultaneously.



  • Step 1: Key in Tracker Name
  • Step 2: Choose subscription number
  • Step 3: Create