Call Tracking supports both Direct Line and Virtual Line. 

Direct Line and Virtual Line are our virtual number services which let you forward calls to a number of your choice. To know more about Direct Line and Virtual Line, visit If you don’t know which one you should get, contact or call us on +65 6595 0480.

  • If you are using Direct Line

To configure Direct Line, login to with your username and password.

Go to Direct Line > under Forwarding numbers, select Configure (as shown in the image below).

  1. Phone Label: Label the phone number for easy identification purposes.
  2. Phone Number: Enter the phone number.
  3. Ring Time: If you would like calls forwarded to this number all the time, select Yes. If you would like customise the period of time calls are forwarded, select During Office Hours.
  4. Time Zone: Upon selecting During Call Hours, you can select the time zone.
  5. Office Hours: Configure the specific time you want calls to be forwarded to you on each day of the week.
  6. Rest Day: If you do not want to receive any calls at all on a particular day, check the Rest day box.
  7. Save Changes: When you are done, click on Save Changes.
  • If you are using Virtual Line
  1. Login to your account at
  2. Ensure that you are using the right account i.e. Personal or Company.
  3. At the left column, click [Virtual Line].

Virtual Line has 4 main commands:

  • Transfer to number: allows calls to be forwarded to a preferred number.

  • Set extensions: allows the callers to reach the right person they want to meet.

  • Record voice mail & notify: allows callers to record a voice mail and you will receive this voice message via your e-mail.

  • Play message only: allows you to attach or type in an automated message for your callers to hear.

Configure auto attendant message
  • Select [Set extensions] > Select language > Enter your message

  • Click "Try it" to hear your message (A call will be made to the specified number and will be charged to your Hoiio credit)

  • You can set unlimited extensions; however, the welcome message is currently limited to 450 characters.

Configure extensions

  • Enter the extension number and label > Select command > Enter phone number to receive forwarded calls or e-mail to receive voice mail.

  • Click on Create when finished.

Configure missed call notification
  • Missed call notification is available when you choose Transfer to a number.

  • The configuration can be one of the 4 commands of Virtual Line

  • Notification shall be triggered after a specified time frame