• Log in to your Hoiio Account
  • Select [Call Tracking] from the left-side bar
  • Select [Settings] > Click on [Integration] in the menu from the left side

  • Click on [Add Tracking ID].
  • Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID and Property name.
    • Click here to learn how to to find your Google Analytics Tracking ID
    • Property Name is for your reference only (e.g "my website homepage").
  • Then click on the "Add Tracking ID" button to save it.
  • Now you need to link the Google Analytics Property that you just crated with a call tracking campaign.
    • For this, go back to the call tracking home page
    • Hover over the campaign you want to link to Google analytics
    • Click on the pencil icon to edit the campaign.
    • Check the "Send Tracking Statistics to Google Analytics" checkbox
    • Select your Tracking ID from the list and click save.

Once this is set, each call (received and missed) are sent as events to Google Analytics
You can set up goals in Google Analytics to track each call as a conversion