In your Google Analytics account, click on the Admin tab.

Click on Goals

Click on the New Goal button.

1. Goal Setup

Select Custom

2. Goal Description

Name = whatever you want to name this goal –e.g. “incoming call on website”

Goal Slot ID: choose the next slot

Type: Event

3. Goal Details

Set the following:

Category [Equals to] calltracking  

Action [Equals to] received (to track received calls)


Action [Equals to] missed (to track missed calls)


Leave Action field blank to track all calls (i.e both received and missed)

Click “Create Goal” and you’re done.


The default value of the call events are as follows:

missed call: value =0

received call: value = 1

If you want to assign a goal value to every call(i.e. both received and missed calls ), set the option “Use the Event value as the Goal Value for conversion” to "No".

Then you can specify a goal value yourself. Subsequently, all calls (received or missed) will be assigned this value.

If this option is set to "Yes", then the goal will have value of 1 for received calls and 0 for missed calls.

P.S. Before you do this make sure you have added the google analytics property ID in the hoiio call tracking campaign.